Nikhil Rathi is the new Chief Executive of the Financial Conduct Authority

A few words, a few days ago, to announce the appointment of Nikhil Rathi as the new permanent Chief Executive of the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

“I am honoured to be appointed Chief Executive of the Financial Conduct Authority,” he said. “I look forward to building on the strong legacy of Andrew Bailey and the exceptional leadership of Christopher Woolard and the FCA Executive team during the crisis. FCA colleagues can be very proud of their achievements in supporting consumers and the economy in all parts of the UK in recent months.”

Defined as a gifted “superbrain” and “young enough to have emotional intelligence, too”, at 40 he makes the move from the London Stock Exchange and speculations about his future as the next governor of Bank of England have already started. 

Meanwhile, there is plenty to work on starting from fintech as a strategy to encourage innovation in the Post-Brexit era in the UK. He sets the scene: “In the years ahead, we will create together an even more diverse organisation, supporting the recovery with a special focus on vulnerable consumers, embracing new technology, playing our part in tackling climate change, enforcing high standards and ensuring the UK is a thought leader in international regulatory discussions.” 

You can find a beautifully crafted profile by the Evening Standard here