Not even the time to breath, that the team behind the European Crowdfunding Network, the trade body for the crowdfunding industry in Europe, plans for the future.

In the aftermath of the 5* CrowdCamp, ECN’s yearly summer event which took place on 10th -12th June 2020 – online and live-streamed from Prague with a focus on crowdfunding and sustainability (watch the recordings here), the organization has made three important announcements in their monthly update.

First, with the aim of improving the understanding and trust in the sector for both investors and entrepreneurs, they have just launched their second national group in Spain as a strategic attempt to build pan-European bridges with those organizations that participate in the crowdfunding ecosystem including public authorities, development agencies, platforms, universities, private foundations and professional associations.

Second, whilst the team expands, to strengthen the organization they have hired two top executives  – Mauricio O’Brien who will converge his experience in working with academic institutions in higher education in the management of the ECN-SSG and Cristina Moreno who will bring her organizational and reporting skills in the position of Operations Manager.

“We are also seeking to involve a new figure in our Research & Project Management team, see below for more details on the vacancy.”

Last but not least, their strategic group in Italy is about to run a one-week long Crowdfunding Festival, confirming the high interest that alternative finance generates for the wider public. 

Often, a good beginning makes a good ending.