So, I’ll present at the 4th European Alternative Finance Research Conference

I was studying and had other projects. After a decade of working in the industry, I decided to go for an MBA. But then everything changed. The story goes back in 2015 when I moved to another country, changed my life, and eventually a career. 

It was those long hours of study that made me reopen old drawers, write a PhD project and then this blog. From then on, I began my second journey, first accessing a doctoral programme and then reaching out to the crowdfunding industry. 

Thanks to the precious help of some of the protagonists in the field, I was lucky enough to gradually understanding and informing my project. It was such a combination of factors to lead me to my first conference paper. 

It took me a few years, a real roller coaster, but it was worth it. On Tuesday, 6 October 2020, I will have the opportunity to present my first piece of research to a very prestigious academic audience attending the 4th European Alternative Finance Research Conference.

For this, I am immensely grateful to Utrecht University, the Director of Europe Centre for Alternative Finance at Utrecht University, Ronald Kleverlaan, and to the event organizers, led by Friedemann Polzin (special mention to him). 

Also, I would like to thank who helped me out during these hectic years: my Uni, the University of Worcester, the Head of Business School, Anne-Marie McTavish, my Head of Department, Scott Andrews, my Director of Research, Catharine Ross, my Director of Studies, Robin Bell, and my research supervisor David Bozward; the business and thought leaders who accepted to take part in this blog (which eventually became part of my research methodology), all the participants to my research (forever grateful), and last but not least all the members of such a great community.

I am a bit nervous, but I have to keep my nerves at bay not to ruin everything. Better to look ahead and focus on the first step of this new journey, the third. The time has come, I can’t wait: fingers crossed.

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