The secret of entrepreneurship? Connecting the dots

Once, an entrepreneur told me something like: “We are like monkeys: one scratches the back of the other.” The message was crystal clear: collaboration, in the startup game, is pivotal for succeeding.

A few days ago, a student looking for some help got in touch with me. A co-founder of the Aston Entrepreneur’s Club, a group of interest formed by student entrepreneurs in Birmingham, UK, was looking for help to promote one of their projects.

She reached out to me: “How about a platform to meet and collaborate with students who are building startups or want to join startup teams from other Universities?” Why not, I thought? So here we go.

These self-starter students are working on a conference, the West Midlands Founders Conference (WMFC), to engage with other peers from the 12 Universities based in the West Midlands, England. The event will take place on the 25th of June, and its main theme is “Connecting the dots”.

The idea is to stimulate networking and collaboration using a mix of collaborative and competitive challenges along with expert-led learning sessions.

For example, there will be three 30-minute learning sessions on Pricing for Startups, Marketing for Startups, and Smart Ways To Run A Business as a Student.

In addition to it, there will be several competitions. For example, there is a pitching competition for international students to highlight the strategic moves made to develop a business within the context of student visa restrictions. There is a pitching competition for students who are developing new solutions using disruptive technologies. But there is also a platform to collaborate.

So, why not? Just drop a line to for more information.

The deadline to apply is on the 21st of June.

Good luck and enjoy the experience.

Find out more here.