This is my e-notepad, open to everybody interested in contributing to it by reading, sharing, writing, giving comments, and so on. Its focus is at the intersection of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance, two areas of research I am particularly fond of because of my PhD journey. I think there should be somewhere a link with my professional background.

What’s in a name?

Being one of the most used names globally, Oliver has helped me recall Muhammad Yunus’ concept that everybody can be part of the co-creation process for building a more sustainable society: “We are all entrepreneurs,” he said. In the end, entrepreneurship like rugby, a great passion of mine, is all about people and the space in between. In other words, there is always a path to win together. So, my attempt is to address the following question: if businesses are created by people, why not for people?

Image by Efes Kitap from Pixabay 


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