"Investment crowdfunding platforms are looking to scale by becoming broker-dealers (...). Some may offer other affiliated investment banking type services or secondary trading platforms. Digital assets issued via blockchain based platforms may streamline securities offerings, reducing both friction and cost. There is hope on the horizon." (Crowdfundinsider on Indiegogo exiting equity crowdfunding).

"Responsible investment now commands a sizable share of professionally managed assets in each region, ranging from 18% in Japan to 63% in Australia and New Zealand. Clearly, sustainable investing constitutes a major force across global financial markets." Meanwhile, tighter standards are holding Europe back. (GLOBAL SUSTAINABLE INVESTMENT ASSETS WORTH $30 TRILLION)

"We started by issuing a Code of Conduct, then we made reporting standards mandatory for member platforms. Now, we are offering a third consumer protection tool. These three measures demonstrate how we go above and beyond legal requirements in terms of retail investors’ protection." ( Jamal El Mallouki, Chairman of the board of the German Crowdfunding Association on how they set the new "Transparency Seal", the first self regulatory scheme to protect retail investors within the European market for alternative finance)