This journey began in the form of a blog written by a PhD student focusing on alternative finance landscapes.

Over the past two years, thisisOliver* has gradually evolved: the mounting request for a positive reform of society in the current political turmoil has opened up new perspectives whilst offering new lens through which look at the world.

Accordingly, the original mission has adjusted shifting towards new horizons. Now, our soft spot is at the intersection of innovation and crowdfunding with a twist on positive impact.

In other words, thisisOliver* has become our tool to explore the ways in which the crowd support innovative entrepreneurial solutions meant to solve most of the world’s pressing societal challenges whilst redesigning the venture capital industry.


In the meantime, we aim to celebrate the soft power of crowdfunding, its cultural influence in making change happen with purpose.



Who are the people working to build a more progressive society? What are their stories? What are their challenges? What are their successes and failures? Whilst sharing data, views and news, thisisOliver* will be campaigning for a more sustainable world by telling stories about platforms, entrepreneurs and investors working together for changing society for the better.



We have been lucky to be included in a number of rankings. We would like to thanks people who made this possible giving us the chance to be named in the Top 20 Fintech Blog to Follow in 2017 List, in the Top 80 FinTech Blogs and Websites For Financial Technology Professional List To Follow in 2018, Top 100 Crowdfunding Blogs And Websites To Follow in 2018 and in TechBullion’s 100 Popular Fintech Blogs and News Websites To Follow.