Oliver* is

Oliver* | *AllThingsCrowdfunding is a digital marketing project which mainly focuses on equity crowdfunding as a category of FinTech.

In a nutshell, it is news and analysis from the industry and beyond. However, it is not just an aggregator, but also a creator of original content, including exclusive interviews and op-eds from business and thought leaders within the industry.

Its main aim is to become a leading voice which provides information, in-depth analysis and round-the-clock news on equity crowdfunding.

As equity crowdfunding includes at least two collective actions, Oliver* looks for becoming a collective space where crowdfunding enthusiasts can share their journey while having fun.

So, if you are eager to give your contribution, I can’t wait to hear from you! Just drop me a line at: sayhello.oliver@gmail.com

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About me

luca-sabia-twitterI am Luca, a doctoral researcher in entrepreneurship and a huge media and rugby passionate. I tweet from @luca_sabia and hold a Full Time MBA from Durham University Business School – on which I blogged on the Financial Times – where I began researching into the intersection between equity crowdfunding and business model innovation by focusing on the indie magazines niche.