Oliver* is



Oliver* is the place where to find smart stories on fintech with a twist on crowdfunding and is part of my PhD journey.



The project aims to contribute to the fintech debate by:

  • Publishing news, data, and interviews with industry leaders
  • Partnering with leading firms in the market and
  • Promoting fintech projects.



Oliver* has been included in the Top 20 Fintech Blog to Follow in 2017 Listin the Top 80 FinTech Blogs and Websites For Financial Technology Professional List and in TechBullion’s 100 Popular Fintech Blogs and News Websites To Follow. 



An associate lecturer in Marketing and a PhD Candidate in Entrepreneurship with a focus on Equity Crowdfunding, Blockchain, and Corporate Governance at University of Worcester, I am the founder of SCHEMA21, a fintech marketing consultancy.

An Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, I graduated “summa cum laude” in Communication Science at Sapienza University of Rome and earned a Full Time MBA from Durham University Business School, a journey on which I blogged on the Financial Times.

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