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Oliver* | *AllThingsCrowdfunding is a digital marketing project which is part of my doctoral journey and focuses on crowdfunding as a form of digital fundraising and a segment of FinTech.



Targeting impact-driven entrepreneurs, the project aims to contribute to the debate and to create a knowledge platform by aggregating and circulating information with a focus on the market (i.e. marketplaces), data (i.e. research), and reviews (i.e. books and scientific production) while engaging with the industry leaders.

Eager to give your contribution? Just drop Oliver* a line at: sayhello.oliver@gmail.com



Oliver* | *AllThingsCrowdfunding has been recently included in the Top 20 Fintech Blog to Follow in 2017 List and in the Top 80 FinTech Blogs and Websites For Financial Technology Professional List.


20171003_142250-1I am Luca Sabia, founding editor of Oliver* | *AllThingsCrowdfunding.

A financial communication professional by background, I hold a Full Time MBA from Durham University Business School, a journey on which I blogged on the Financial Times.

Currently an associate lecturer, I am a doctoral researcher in Entrepreneurship with a focus on equity crowdfunding at University of Worcester whilst working on my strategic marketing boutique, SCHEMA21.

I also regularly contribute to The Market Mogul, which has been described as ‘The Economist of tomorrow’, writing on innovative finance.

Passionate about indie magazines and rugby, I love all the sports which bring me closer to nature.