The long-term objective that we have to face up to is this: we have to develop models of collective action that work with the globality of our situation.

Zygmunt Bauman

"As of late Tuesday, more than 5,000 startup employees are out of a job as the coronavirus wreaks havoc on the economy. (…) For now, the layoffs are affecting largely companies with a high cash-burn rate (...) or companies that haven’t raised money in the last year or two (...) and thus lack a big cash cushion, or both. But many industry watchers expect the job cuts to spread as the lockdown continues."

(Source: Bloomberg)

“The desire to get rich and create wealth will clearly not go away, nor should it. These findings do demonstrate that individual wealth creation is by no means the only driver for entrepreneurs. The new generation of entrepreneurs increasingly tend to be aspirational in other ways.”

Niels Bosma, Professor at Utrecht University School of Economics and Chair of the GEM’s Board of Directors