Charities? Women and Millennials Prefer Impact Investments

Women and millennials are leading the investment charge to impact investing, but interest by men has doubled in the past two years, a survey finds.

While the biggest barrier to impact investing adoption continues to be the belief that doing well (investment performance) and doing good (philanthropy) are separate goals (49%), a sentiment felt most strongly among older high-net-worth investors, business owners are more apt to make impact investments instead of donating to charities to help solve social ills, the 2017 U.S. Trust Insights on Wealth and Worth study reveals.

Business owners are less likely to make financial charitable contributions compared to non-business owners, but are actively engaged in supporting nonprofit organizations and causes through their work, investments and service, the report says. By far, business owners see the private sector, and businesses in particular, as most effective at creating economic opportunity and, in turn, a higher standard of living for more Americans, FA Mag reports.

Among other findings, 40% investors agree that companies that have a positive impact also have better financial performance while 80% among high-net-worth investors overall agree that all public companies have an impact on society or the environment.

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