Oliver*: What’s next?

Oliver* has been my companion for the past five years. During this period, it has helped me improve my focus on the evolution of the crowdfunding industry, a key aspect for delivering on my PhD research project.

However, the PhD came to an end as I successfully sat my viva a few days ago. Thank you all for your incredible support!

So, what’s next?

I have been thinking about the next steps of this journey also in view of my new role as a Lecturer in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship at Coventry University.

In other words, whilst crowdfunding will remain one of the aspects of my teaching and research, I am adamant to broaden Oliver*‘s perspectives to make the most of this new chapter of the journey.

This is why I decided to keep working on this project with a broader perspective that values innovation, impact, creativity, and business creation. One where the role of people as agents of change will remain pivotal to build our sustainable future in the post-Covid era. One where my students and the community of practice can find (hopefully) some good food for thought. Crowdfunding is a natural part of it.

It is a challenge, but I am excited to keep walking with you and Oliver* hoping to find new companions along our routes.

Ad maiora!