Magazines are my greatest passion. Indie magazines, more than that. That’s why, when I got that reply to my e-mail I was anxiously waiting for, I was so happy.

Long story short, I was proposing a few ideas like how to help social entrepreneurs familiarize themselves with alternative ways to raise funds for and create communities around their projects by making the most of the Internet.

So, the piece on crowdfunding published in the latest issue of Ethos Magazine was born. 👇

I have been lucky in finding on the other side of the table the sensibility of its Editor-in-chief, Fiona Shaw.

Indeed, she not only wanted to collaborate but put on this project all her kindness and tons of patience to cope with my crazy scheduling.

Eventually, we got there, and I am deeply grateful. SO… BUY IT NOW! 😊 Why? Am I making something out of it? Er…well, no. That’s not the point.

The point is I think there are some projects out there that deserve our support to foster a new way of thinking to generate value for better societies.

In the end, I think we are not only what we do but the intention underpinning it. That’s why.

By the way, this is the link if you want to find out more. 👋