3 things I have learned by reading “Founder Brand”

The marketing book publishing scene is overcrowded. It is very difficult to spot good quality products or at least the ones worth the price tag. Sometimes, though, they exist very useful publications to assist practitioners in their daily activities.

Long story short, not long ago, I was discussing with a podcaster the not so covered topic of entrepreneurial branding. Indeed, establishing a personal footprint in the market before getting to the right product-market fit would be an added value for many entrepreneurs.

It was she to suggest having a look at a book written by Dave Gerhardt, a marketing expert, on founder branding. The book is titled Founder brand. Turn your story into your competitive advantage (Lioncrest, £11 paperback). I bought and read it in the following days.

I found myself in front of an excellent product with plenty of super practical insights that I have already used in class with my entrepreneurship students.

“At the heart of the Founder Brand is human connection, which we all crave. It allows us to feel we know the founder and the reasons for the brand.”

The 3 main things worth mentioning include:

  1. An entrepreneur is a storyteller. As such their uniqueness is given by their stories. To carve out their space in the market, entrepreneurs should start by telling their stories.
  2. Distribution is key. In other words, telling your story is not worth enough if nobody is listening. You need to distribute it via social media platforms.
  3. Last but not least, entrepreneurs need to forge their communities. Stories do help. However, if the story is king, feedback is the compass to move forward.

With plenty of real business cases and hands-on tips (for example, it is not that difficult starting a podcast which can be in turn used to repurpose content in multiple ways), for me, it has been a great reading which I suggest to entrepreneurs out there. Happy reading.